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They are all back, and the drama continues. In this twisted tale, Andrea, Dorothy, Caroline, Sullivan, Monet, and Punkin all have new issues in which they are each faced with. Rather battling with bouts of love, death, infidelity, sex, domestic disturbances, or unexpected pregnancies, this bunch incurs it all, and no subject is taboo.

Andrea is released from jail and is ready for her new start at life, and her second chance to be a mother to the child she abandoned at birth. Leaving behind the regretful days of her past, Andrea pushes forward. But, will she be able to refrain from her past after an ex- lover resurfaces in her life? Does he prove to be a friend or foe?

Dorothy and Sullivan continue to live happily, still, after nearly three years of marriage. Finding it hard to believe that love and life can be so good, Dorothy continues to appreciate her man. But then, a woman from his past resurfaces with plans to get him back. Will this woman destroy the perfect relationship with Dorothy and her husband? Sometimes in life, we have to lose, in order to gain what the future holds for us.

This novel is filled with gripping emotion, witty- humor, and believable characters who will keep you wanting more. If you think "It Just Gets Better with Time" was packed with drama, "Only Time Will Tell" you how the madness ends. Get ready to be entertained.

This novel is an on the edge of your seat page turning novel. It is filled with a thrill ride from beginning to end. The author did a splendid job of bringing the reader back into the lives of all the unforgettable characters of 'It Just Gets Better With Time.' I must say this is one of few sequels that I have been able to follow and enjoyed it immensely!

-- Linda Washington-Johnson, President Jackson Mississippi Readers Club

I loved it!! I am very happy that everything worked out for Tim and Andrea, as well as Punkin and her crazy husband. I was laughing at one moment and crying the next. I know this may sound wierd but I wanted things to work out for Rhenee but she was a little heartless about the situation. Overall, "Only Time will Tell" was a page turner. I was pulled in from beginning to end. The story was very believable and I could relate to it in more than one way.

-- Shonta Bass- GAAL book club Atlanta

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